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Treknride Camoholster Thigh Bag ₹699

Treknride Camoholster Thigh Bag ₹699

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 Product Description:

  • Trek N Ride Thigh Bag can be also be used for other applications like Hiking, camping, and many other outdoor activities. A must Product for every rider.
  • In the dynamic realm of outdoor exploration, the Trek N Ride Thigh Bag emerges as a game-changer, transcending its roots in motorcycling to become an indispensable companion for a myriad of outdoor pursuits.
  • This versatile bag, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of adventurers, promises to elevate your experiences whether you’re navigating open roads or conquering new trails.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof main compartment with seam-sealed inner lining.
  • One more small compartment to organize things.
  • Adjustable waist and thigh straps, universal fit.
  • Material 1000D polyester, weight: 380 Gms
  • Capacity- 4-5 Litres

Additional Features:

  • Waterproof Confidence: The heart of it lies in its main compartment, equipped with a state-of-the-art waterproof, seam-sealed inner lining. This ensures that your belongings remain impeccably dry even when faced with adverse weather conditions. No longer will rain or unexpected splashes dampen your spirits or your essentials.
  • Optimized Organization: To enhance your on-the-go experience, the thigh bag features an additional small compartment. This compartment is a haven for smaller essentials, providing a dedicated space to keep your belongings sorted and easily accessible. Whether it’s keys, a multi-tool, or other small items, organization is at the forefront of this design.
  • Adaptable Fit: Recognizing the diversity in body sizes and shapes, it incorporates adjustable waist and thigh straps. This ensures a universal fit that guarantees comfort for a broad range of adventurers. No matter your physique, the bag adapts to you, staying securely in place during your most dynamic outdoor pursuits.
  • Built to Last: Crafted from robust 1000D polyester, the thigh bag stands as a testament to durability. Weighing in at a sturdy 380 grams, this bag is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Whether you’re navigating rocky terrains or enduring the elements, it is a reliable companion that doesn’t compromise on longevity.
  • Generous Capacity: With a capacious 4-5 liter capacity, this thigh bag offers ample space to stow away your essentials. Whether you’re embarking on a short motorcycle ride or a more extended journey, the bag provides the versatility to accommodate your needs. It’s a true asset for those who value both functionality and capacity in their gear.

Elevating Outdoor Experiences:

  • It isn’t just a piece of gear; it’s a philosophy that encourages you to embrace the spirit of adventure in every facet of your life.
  • Beyond the world of motorcycling, this thigh bag seamlessly integrates into the broader spectrum of outdoor activities.
  • Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast, a camping aficionado, or someone who simply craves the thrill of the outdoors, it is your trustworthy companion.


  • The Trek N Ride Thigh Bag is more than just a product; it’s a commitment to versatility and functionality.
  • As you hit the open road or venture into uncharted territories, let this thigh bag be your steadfast companion.
  • Elevate your outdoor experiences, embrace the thrill of adventure, and make the Trek N Ride Thigh Bag an integral part of your gear collection today.
  • The journey awaits – are you ready to unlock its full potential?

About Treknride:

We commenced our journey with Trek N Ride in 2013, as an online store, to offer good quality accessories for motorcycling, cycling, hiking, and running at affordable prices. As avid enthusiasts of outdoor activities, we understand the needs of the customers and strive to create useful products to cater to their needs.


We truly believe that we provide the most varied selection of premium riding gear from the most renown brands all in one place to make your buying experience enjoyable – and we back it up for a risk-free 30 day guarantee.
If you don’t have a Happy Experience, we will make it right for you so that you’re 100% satisfied.

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